As the Galleries seen here illustrate, EBQ™ homes may be built in virtually any design, size, number of bedrooms and on one or several levels, or storeys in height.

EBQ™ homes are permanent, yet adaptable structures which can be erected in as little as one week by a crew of eight.

EBQ™ concrete modules are manufactured by qualified licensees to surpass ASTM Standards:

  • Compressive strength: 20,7 MPa (average)
  • Maximum water absorption: 160 Kg/M3


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In addition to the economies resulting from home construction with EBQ™ systems due to their inherent reductions in labor and materials, the builder is able to achieve increased leverage of its working capital through the significant shortening of construction periods and consequent lowering of interim financing costs, which in effect multiply yearly capacity and turnover profits.

EBQ™ construction schedules for low-rise housing at production rates of one unit per week per crew are not unusual, while multi-storey structures are planned for a rate of one complete floor level per week, when using trained local labor and RBS specified material handling equipment and methods.

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