Although the housing models illustrated in these pages have been developed for specific conditions and projects, their ease of adaptation to other locales has been ensured through the flexibility and versatility offered by EBQ™ systems.


EBQ™construction systems are designed to meet and exceed U.S. Building Codes (IBC and IRC), including their seismic and high wind requirements, in addition to FHA, VA, HUD, MPS, FmHA standards.



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Multiple housing units built with EBQ™ benefit from the associated cost reductions offered by these advanced systems, and their user-friendliness in terms of sound isolation and fire safety between units, enhances their marketing value.

Multi-storey buildings designed and built with EBQ™ systems eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming structural framing and formwork, while producing structures of outstanding seismic and wind resistance, when designed in accordance with the IBC - California Standards.

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